Before you take a technology learning decision ask following questions

  • Would you have greater chance of success learning a single technology / language like Python / Java or would you rather learn a full technology track which would help you deliver real life projects? 
  • What skills are required to work as big data engineer, data analyst and data scientist? 

First step is to understand the learning track to start working as a data engineer or data analyst or data scientist – though technology stack could change but core concepts would remain the same. 

For example Data engineer could typically start with Data Structures + Java + HDFS + MR + Pig + Hive + Kafka + NiFi + Scala + Spark + JavaScript + NoSQL databases + Data Integration and transformation

Whereas Data scientist could typically start with Algebra + Statistics + Analytical techniques + Python + R + TensorFlow + Artificial Intelligence + Deep learning + Spark

Add to these few common skills like Cloud + Devops