Project Based Learning (Analytics)

Most of the working software professionals struggle to find a project after learning new technologies. 

Project based learning is a step to bridge that gap.

Key highlights of the program are, 

  • 3 months duration proof of concept project – DIY – we would provide problem statement and implementation guidelines 
  • 6 online checkpoint meetings (3 hrs each) during 3 months duration generally on Weekday evening’s and/or Saturday’s. 
  • You would develop a working prototype / demo using Machine Learning, Python, Hive, Spark etc
  • Team formation within people who join this program – encourage people from same organization to join together
  • Code reviews and feedback during the checkpoint meetings. Final closure presentations by the teams. 
  • 8-12 hrs / week of participant efforts to complete the project assuming participants already know the technologies
  • Completion OR Participation Certificate depending upon how much you complete the prototype / demo


Prerequisites / Expectations from Participants

Participants should already have basic understanding of technologies to be used in PBL projects. 

Recommended learning resources for common big data analytics technologies are listed below. You can choose to use other resources as well for learning these technologies. 

You can also attend our technical sessions at DataioticsHub Meetup Events


Frequently Asked Questions

In project based learning program (analytics) we aim to provide data analysis  projects to participants which would involve working with multiple technologies like Python, Machine Learning, Spark, Pig, Hive etc. These projects would typically require you to analyze data in Hadoop / NoSQL systems and apply machine learning algorithms on top of it to solve stated business problem. We would also deploy models on larger data sets.

During first checkpoint meeting your project team will be formed from within the registered participants. We aim to have complimentary  big data technical skills between the team members to maximize collaboration.

We expect team size to be 2-4 members depending upon the batch size. 

There would be 6 checkpoint meetings distributed over 10-12 weeks.

Checkpoint meetings would happen online to allow us to have participants from anywhere in the world. Across location collaboration is becoming more and more important in today’s software industry.

During the checkpoint meetings we would provide implementation guidelines as per the project requirements, do code reviews, provide feedback and discuss next steps. There would be a final demo from all teams in the last checkpoint meeting.

We expect each participant to spend 70 – 100 hrs distributed over 10-12 weeks. The checkpoint meetings time of about 20 hrs is additional to these efforts. 

Ideally we would like each team to do research and try to solve technical issues independently. On case to case basis we would provide some additional guidelines / support by scheduling short meetings with the team who needs help. However we would not have more than 1-2 such short meetings with us by any team between checkpoints.

We recommend each team to have at least 2-3 working meetings among themselves between each scheduled checkpoint meeting with us.  We would provide more guidelines about it during kickoff.

Your mentors during this program would be industry practitioners in big data, analytics and related technologies. VCubeC, the company behind this program has team of big data professionals.

Yes, we recommend doing multiple projects with increasing complexity. However you would be charged for each PBL program you enroll for. 

If you need more details please contact us via form or whatsapp. 


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