Technical Workshops

S. No.Learning AreaHigh Level topicsDurationRegister
1Machine LearningPrep - Linear Algebra and Stats using Python
a) Supervised Learning - Regression and Classification
b) Decision Trees and Random Forests
c) Gradient Descent and Logistic Regression
d) SVM and Naive Bayes Classifier
e) Dimensionality Reduction
f) Unsupervised Learning - Clustering
g) Model Evaluation, Tuning and Boosting
h) Model Saving and Deployment
50-60 hrsContact Us
2Deep Learninga) Introduction to GPU's
b) Neural Networks
c) Image Classification using CNN
d) Multilabel, Segementation
e) Sequences using RNN
f) Introduction to RL
40-50 hrsContact Us
3Spark for Analyticsa) Spark Essentials - RDD's, DataFrame
b) PySpark
c) Basics of ML and DL
d) Spark MLib
e) Use cases and Labs
35-40 hrsContact Us
4Big Data Stack a) Hadoop, Pig, Hive
b) Spark Programming Essentials
c) Data Movement using Apache NiFi and Kafka
d) NoSQL databases
- one document and one graph DB coverage
e) Big Data in Cloud
50-60 hrsContact Us